Environmental benefits of solar power

As the world looks at ways to increase the use of renewable energy sources, solar is an attainable way for everyday Aussies to positively contribute and live more sustainably.

3 things to know about solar sustainability

  • Sunshine is free

    Australia has some of the highest sunshine hours in the world, so why not use it to lessen your impact on the environment and generate power for your home? Hot water and electricity can all be generated by the sun, and over the life of your solar system, you’ll also end up with more money back in your pocket.

  • More than 2.5 million Australian households can’t be wrong

    By the end of 2019, the benefits of rooftop solar were being enjoyed by more than 2.5 million households across Australia – that’s 23.5 percent of homes. There are a lot of people doing their bit for the environment and saving money & you could be too!

  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels

    The shift away from fossil fuels to clean energy and renewables is gaining momentum at a rapid rate. As countries around the world begin to change policies and renewables step into the spotlight, or should we say, sunlight (pun intended), wouldn’t it be great to be ahead of the curve and have a solar system already installed on your home?