Install Stats: Solar System

Every year, an increase occurs in the install stats for solar system. More than 627 GW of photovoltaic energy serves global needs. In 2020, solar energy contributed more than 3% of the world’s total energy generation. There’s been an increase in public awareness of solar energy. The measured growth in Australia is more than six and a half percent.

Electricity Needs of Australian Industry:

Australian industry depends on the energy coming from coal and natural gas. As our country has a large coal mining industry and natural resources. In 2019, the recorded energy generation from fossil fuels was 76%, whereas renewable energy remains low at 24% of the total.

Stats of Renewable Energy in Australia:

Over the past years, the record electricity generation from renewable sources grew up to 24%. Due to government incentives and subsidies, people are now investing more in renewable energy sources.

According to reports of 2019, out of 92 hybrid-solar projects, 27 projects are currently serving the nation, whereas 66 are still under construction. The government spent more than 24.9 billion dollars on the generation of 13,269 MW.

Expected Solar Energy Stats in Australia.

Before the global pandemic, the revenue growth was predicted at 18% for the next five years, in which it will hit 1.3 billion dollars. However, it is expected to have more increase in install stats for solar system.

Australia has enough experience in development along with the power to grow. But, our country among the top countries with the highest solar capacity per capita. In 2019, the average percentage of energy generation from solar systems was more than 5%, and 22% under the label of renewable resources.

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, we can say that the global epidemic had never affected the growth of renewable energy sources in Australia. Therefore, you can avail yourself of the opportunity of saving electricity bills by switching to renewable energy sources. You can ask our experts for more information about your solar system.

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