Things To Avoid: Why Solar Companies Go Bankrupt

There are hundreds of solar energy companies providing you clean & renewable energy that would be last for decades. However, the companies sometimes have to go bankrupt. The only reason behind the bankruptcy yields from lack of performance, poor customer service, and using low-quality equipment.

Poor Customer Service:

Customer service can either skyrocket or bankrupt your solar energy business. Whenever you provide unreliable panel installation services, people are more likely to change the solar panel installation company next time. And, they would not recommend your services to other people. An unprofessional team can ruin your pieces of equipment, voiding the solar panel warranty.

Low-Quality Equipment:

Companies using poor quality material or equipment that greatly damages the public reputation of the company. Inferior quality solar panels will allow people to raise queries on the service standards of the company.

If your company provides second-degree solar panels, wires, or inverters, they will have to keep repairing them regularly, causing huge financial damage. Either directly or indirectly, the company’s reputation is damaged in the market. Ultimately, solar companies go bankrupt.

Legal Action:

Customers take action whenever a company misrepresents its services using false advertising. As a consequence, the falsification or misrepresentation might lead the company into a legal suit. To earn business, some companies grab the customer’s attention by showing their false photos.


The bankruptcy of solar companies occurs whenever they deceive their customers by misrepresenting the services or product quality. Without any doubt, all such unauthentic companies never focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore, these solar companies go bankrupt.

However, SolarAir Energy is the only professional complete solar system installation company, providing the finest quality products. We, at our company, take customer service & satisfaction as the utmost priority. You can feel free to reach out for further queries or a free consultation for your solar system.

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