Tips: How To Claim Warranty On Your Solar System

People are always looking for tips about the warranty on solar system. Solar panels absorb sun rays and provide free electrical energy. Thus, you invest in buying them. As a result, you look for more options. However, you always select the companies offering a warranty on components. In other words, a warranty ensures that the company is responsible for faulty components. The terms of the warranty vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In addition to this, the warranties may have two types; product and performance warranty. The product warranty protects against any manufacturing fault. On the other hand, the performance warranty covers the electricity production within the warranty duration. Hence, you must know about the warranty before buying the panels.

Why we need a warranty?

Solar panels work for many years, but any issue can occur during this period. Therefore, your investment in companies with warranty saves your day. Thus, you should never purchase from companies without any warranty claims.

What does a warranty cover?

A performance warranty ensures that the solar panel system will fulfill or surpass baseline electric productivity levels. The output production of the solar panel might deteriorate under normal circumstances. However, it should not degrade more than 20% around 20 to 25 years.

Usually, solar panel output production decreases by almost 1% in one year. A performance warranty guarantees that the output produced will not decrease by more than 10% in 25 years of working. If a solar panel output production drops below 90%, then you can use the performance warranty and get a repair or replacement service from the manufacturer or seller.

What is a product warranty?

A product warranty is different from a performance warranty. In product warranty, you are ensured to repair or replace if a defect occurs in the equipment or completely fails in operation. In other words, it covers any manufacturing default and failure. As solar panels are designed to be durable, the manufacturer provides a product warranty extending from 15 to 25 years. The product warranty covers manufacturing defaults like faulty wiring, other parts, or erosion by repairing or replacing them. Every manufacturer provides different warranty periods to their customers.

Final Thoughts:

Every manufacturer provides a different warranty period according to the type of warranty. However, the standard period for a solar panel warranty is up to 25 years. But, this varies from installation companies and by manufacturers. You can feel relaxed to speak with our experts.

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