Tips: How To Claim Warranty On Your Solar System

Before and after installing the solar system successfully, the next question of everyone is how to claim the warranty in any case if they need to do so. Solar panels is a setup which observes the sunlight and convert it to energy and reduces the energy bills for you. Henceforth, it is a huge one time investment and of-course you will be looking for more always. However, everyone goes with the provider who provides the warranty as it shows that the company is responsible to fix the faults in near future.

The terms “Warranty” varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It has two different meaning i.e. ‘Product warranty’ and ‘performance warranty’. The product warranty covers any kind of manufacturing fault, whereas the performance warranty covers the amount of energy production within the given warranty period. For this reason, it is an advice that always read the terms and conditions or warranty certificate properly before going for the installations.

Why we need a warranty?

Warranty is word which gives an assurance to the client regarding any faults in the system will be fixed by the provider without any hustle. Henceforth, you can save your life and money by just electing the provider with good warranty terms. Just for proper maintenance of your solar system in case of faults, you should always go with the manufacturer who provides the approachable warranty quotes to you.

What is a Performance warranty and what it covers?

Every service provider or manufacturer have different warranty terms and conditions i.e. all have various type of covers in case of emergency. The ‘Performance warranty’ ensures that the system will surpass baseline electricity productivity levels. Although, the production of the solar panel might be deteriorate under normal circumstances, it should not go down more than 20% for coming 20 or 25 years.

The standard production rate of solar is effected by 1% annually. But the system with performance warranty guarantees that the performance wouldn’t be degraded more than 20% within. 25 active years. In any scenario, if the production rate of your solar degrades by 90% then you are eligible to use this performance warranty and get replacement or repair from provider.

What is a product warranty and what it covers?

A product warranty is different from a performance warranty. In product warranty, you are ensured to get a repair or replacement if a defect occurs in the equipment or it completely stops working. In other words, it covers any manufacturing default and failure.

As solar panels are designed to be durable, the manufacturer provides a product warranty extending from 15 to 25 years. The product warranty covers manufacturing defaults like faulty wiring, other parts, or erosion by repairing or replacing them. Every manufacturer provides different warranty periods to their customers.

Final Thoughts:

Every manufacturer provides a different warranty cover and period according to the nature of the product. However, the standard period for a solar panel warranty is up to 25 years. But it highly depends upon the manufacturing and installing companies.

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