Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

You can save your monthly power bill. In this way, you will remain protecting from increasing electricity prices.

The amount of solar energy depends on the sunlight intensity and sunlight hours. Other factors may include dust, vapors or quality of panels.

Yes, east & west installations can be a good option. But, it depends on the installation scenario.

The prices depend on the size and location. You can also apply for government rebate.

The average lifespan of solar panels is almost 20 years. It becomes dull, and starts reflecting light. As a result, a shorter lifecycle occurs. In other words, all manufactures offer the output warranty of 25 years.
But, there are even some panels working for last 30 years. But, it all depends on the geographical location. Other electrical components may last for 10-15 years.
  • Solar Panels: minimum 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance guarantee
  • Inverter: 5 – 10 year warranty.
  • Mounting System: 10-year product warranty (manufacturer)
  • Workmanship: 5 year warranty on workmanship (installer)

All are the almost same. You can ask the more from our experts.

The surface of the roof might affect the installation cost. Otherwise, equipment upgrades and extended warranties.

Yes, you can get it insured from your relevant insurance company.

Yes! You can increase generating capability by upgrading panels and larger inverter.

You will start consuming electricity from your retailer. It only occurs in night or cloudy days.

The reliability of components and consistency of power depends on the quality of panels and inverters.

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