Why Pigeon Proofing?

Keep the environment safe, and improve your system longevity by installing pigeon proofing. We work with existing and new systems of all sizes.


Pigeons and other birds naturally gather on rooftops and can nest under YOUR solar panels. 

Unfortunately, this is not good for your panels, why? 

Pigeon droppings have a corrosive effect on solar panels which can cause damage and reduce efficiency. 

Pigeons attract pests that can deteriorate the roof surface. 

When pigeons perch on top of the panels and leave droppings they require you to get the panels cleaned more regularly

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How can we help?

Solar Air Energy installs UV stable bird proofing mesh around all open areas of your home’s solar panels.

Once the mesh is installed, the pigeons will not be able to access  underneath the panels. 

This method is effective, and very durable for Australian climate which is why we offer our five year workmanship guarantee. 

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5 Reasons to get Pigeon Proofing

Keep the environment safe, and improve your system longevity by installing pigeon proofing.

We work with existing and new systems of all sizes.

1) Cost effective

Our pigeon proofing is extremely cost effective and beneficial to the longevity of your system.

2) Improve efficiency

Unwanted animals can effect your systems output and warranty periods. Get a qualified solar technician to inspect and safeguard your system today.

3) Mitigate cost

Having pigeon proofing protects your system against pigeons, foliage and other hazardous waste and debris.

Reduce the burden of having to install new panels by protecting your system against vermin.

4) Improve longevity

Pigeon proofing will assist in making sure your valuable asset is protected long term.

5) Fast turnaround

Our technicians can install pigeon proofing on the same day as a typical instal, provided you speak with our technicians prior to date of install.

Workmanship Guarantee

A Solar company you can trust.

At Solar Air Energy, we believe the customer comes first.

Every single one of our systems is professionally installed and signed off by accredited and qualified technicians. Our systems are only installed by our in-house solar technicians to ensure the highest standard is delivered on every job.

The foundation of Solar Air Energy is built around the relationships we build with our customers. This reputation was built through 100% satisfaction guarantee!