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Through this program, the ACT Government is subsidising battery storage in around 5000 Canberra homes and businesses. 4 battery storage and solar PV companies have been selected to do the installations through a competitive process.

The current rebate is $825 per kilowatt (kW) up to a maximum of 30kW.


When you purchase a solar panel system in New South Wales, you are eligible to receive the NSW government solar rebate, which can cut the cost of your solar system by up to 33%. The NSW government solar rebate consists of ‘small-scale technology certificates’ (STCs).


Generally in the Northern Territory on a residential 4.5kW system the STC rebate is approximately $3900 and on a 6kW residential system the rebate is approximately $5200. When you sign up with Country Solar NT you will assign your STCs to us when you purchase your solar PV system as we are a registered agent.


If you live in Queensland, you can receive a solar panel rebate from the Australian government. Any purchase of solar panels will qualify for the rebate so long as the modules and inverter receive approval by the Clean Energy Council and; a CEC accredited installer performs the installation.


If you live in South Australia, reach out for franchise opportunities.


As a Zone 4 qualifier, Tasmanian residents are eligible to receive STCs valued at $2,971 for a 6.6kW solar system. Overall, STCs automatically discount solar energy systems by roughly 20 – 30 per cent, offering high incentives for any and all takers.


The average electricity cost in Victoria is 23.272c/kWh. So if you’re generating 18kWh of electricity each day, you’d save around $125 per month, or over $1,500 each year with solar. In other words, yes: it’s definitely worth it to install solar panels in your Melbourne home in 2020.