Dust, birds, debris are one of the major reasons why your solar panels become dirty and can affect the energy production. Get your quote for solar panel clearing services.

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Here’s Why Your Solar Panels Become Dirty

After installation, we expect reduced costs on our energy savings. However, several factors may decrease the performance of your solar system.

The accumulation of dirt, soot, or other particulates on solar panels can affect the performance and efficiency of your electricity production. The impact can be mild because you can always wash your solar panels at regular intervals.

However, having birds nesting under your solar panels can damage your wiring, cause scratches on your surface, causing major impact on the performance.

We offer a cost-effective pigeon proofing service for your Solar system. You can also consider regular solar panel cleaning services – enquire now.

Find out how you can save maximum on your electricity bills and save more in your next bill cycle with the help of Solar Air Energy’s solar panel cleaning services . You are not just saving more but stepping forward to a sustainable future. Get a FREE QUOTE today!

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