Things to know about Tesla VPP | 2024

Last year, Tesla unveiled the expansion of its Australian Virtual Power Plant ( Tesla VPP), spreading its presence across the country. Making this expansion even more enticing, Tesla Energy Plan has gained approval as an Australian VPP program. Consequently, homeowners participating in this initiative could qualify for discounts.

Tesla VPP, what is it?

What is Tesla Energy Plan?

The Tesla Energy Plan lets homeowners with solar systems and Powerwalls join together to share energy in their community. This means you can get involved in making your neighbourhood more sustainable. The Tesla VPP takes an active role in managing your Powerwall, making sure your home has enough energy and supporting the grid when it’s necessary.

When the grid needs more energy, every home can pitch in, helping to stabilize the grid and avoid blackouts. In simple terms, signing up for a Tesla VPP plan makes you a valuable member of a community that shares clean, renewable energy with others.

Who are eligible to join the Tesla VPP?

To qualify for the Tesla Energy Plan, you must meet these criteria:

  • Own or recently purchased a Tesla Powerwall 2 (Latest Model).
  • Possess a Solar PV system under 15kW.
  • Have a smart meter installed at your property.
  • No zero export restrictions in your state.

*Currently, this offer is valid to residential owners only. Also, the Tesla Powerwall 1 is not compatible with this offer.

Tesla VPP Energy Plan Rates in Queensland

  • Usage rates: 25.3c/kWh (peak), 18.70c/kWh (off peak) and 22c/kWh (shoulder)
  • Daily supply charge: $1.20/day
  • Feed-in tariff: 4.5c/kWh
  • Annual grid support credit: $220 per year, calculated daily and appears on your bill as a credit monthly (including GST)

According to Energy Locals, the three time periods that customers in QLD will be charged for usage are peak, off-peak and shoulder.

Times are found below:

  • Peak: 4 pm – 9 pm
  • Off-peak: 9 am – 4 pm
  • Shoulder: 9 pm – 9 am

How can I Sign up for the Tesla Energy Plan?

If you’re convinced about the energy plan but uncertain about how to sign up, worry not – we’re here to assist you. Firstly, you need to confirm that you either possess an already-installed Powerwall or have recently had one installed (within the last 30 days). Once this is confirmed, you can easily register for the Tesla Energy Plan on Tesla’s official website.

Call Tesla’s Australian call centre or contact Solar Air Energy for more information.

Final Verdict

This blog strives to heighten awareness regarding the Tesla Energy Plan among Queensland residents. As a result, it presents an advantageous opening for homeowners aiming to unleash the full potential of their Powerwall system. In the end, our proficient solar installers can expertly lead you through the benefits, aiding you in evaluating whether this solution harmonizes with your property’s requirements.

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