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Type 1 VS Type 2 EV Charger | 2023

Curious about which EV charger to pick? Our industry-leading experts in this blog will guide you to make an informed decision between Type-1 or Type-2 options. Despite the array of options available, the majority of EV chargers are now categorized as either Type 1 or Type 2, depending on your car type. Manufacturer’s guides hold […]

SunGrow vs. Fronius Inverter: Which Is Better? | 2023

Before installing a Solar System, conducting market research on inverters and panels is crucial. SunGrow vs. Fronius Inverter, which is better? Understanding existing brands, their features, performance, and warranty is essential to make the right choice. When opting for solar installation, choosing the right product is pivotal. In the Australian market, Fronius and SunGrow are […]

Most Efficient Solar Panels 2023

The Most Efficient Solar Panels 2023 updated list is available below! Opting for solar panels presents an excellent way to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. However, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the solar market is vital for selecting the most efficient option. If you’re considering a solar system installation, we’ve delved into the research […]

Understanding EV Chargers | 2023

What are EV (electrical vehicle) Chargers? In essence, an EV chargers function akin to your mobile charger. Its sole distinction lies in its purpose – charging your electric vehicle. Just as mobile devices demand sustained power, EVs require a similar charge to keep moving. By plugging into your vehicle’s EV sockets, the charger harnesses energy […]

Where to Buy Tesla Powerwall 2? | 2023

Buy the Tesla Powerwall 2 Locally Where to Buy Tesla Powerwall 2? When considering the Tesla Powerwall 2, your primary choice should be to explore local options first. Shopping locally reduces future risks and builds quick relationships with suppliers, easing communication with your Tesla installer for any issues or questions. Opting for local shopping is […]

Micro vs. String Inverters vs. Panel Optimizers | 2023

Micro vs. String Inverters vs. Panel Optimizers. Everyone is transitioning to solar systems to bid farewell to those high energy bills. By now, we are all quite familiar with the two main components of a solar system: Solar Panels and Solar Inverters. Most of us are aware that there are several types of inverters available. […]

Solar Panel Rebates in QLD

Solar Panel Rebates in QLD is a federal government scheme to make solar energy more accessible for Australians. Most Queensland residents can get rebates for new solar systems or batteries, with an average Australian Government rebate of $3,504 for the popular 6.6kWh system. The calculation of the rebate amount directly reflects your chosen solar system’s […]

Top 5 Commercial | Business Solar Panels 2023

Today, you will find out the Top 5 Commercial | Business Solar Panels 2023. With the increasing demand for solar systems in Queensland, we’ve been receiving numerous inquiries from clients. The most common question is about the best commercial solar panels. First and foremost, let’s clarify that prioritizing the best solar panel shouldn’t come before […]

Sonnen Battery Vs Tesla Powerwall 2

Need to know the difference between Sonnen Battery Vs Tesla Powerwall 2? Deciding between Sonnen and Tesla as battery brands in Australia poses a challenge. While Tesla, an incredible company, offers the premium Powerwall 2, its cost and relative inflexibility limit its application. When contemplating an AC-coupled system, a comparison between Tesla Powerwall 2 and […]

5 Tips to Reduce Electricity Bills

Reduce electricity bills today! Solar Air Energy has the latest methods to minimise bills that our electrical appliances and electricity basics rack-up. We can-not wonder a day without electricity. Although, this usage leads us to pay a pretty amount of electricity bills every month. These bills can be reduced to some amount by using a […]

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