Solar Panel Rebates in QLD

Solar Panel Rebates in QLD is a federal government scheme to make solar energy more accessible for Australians. Most Queensland residents can get rebates for new solar systems or batteries, with an average Australian Government rebate of $3,504 for the popular 6.6kWh system. The calculation of the rebate amount directly reflects your chosen solar system’s size. It’s a win for both the environment and your wallet!

Solar Panel Rebates in QLD

What are Solar Panel Rebates?

Solar Panel rebates are financial incentives set out by the government to encourage homeowners to transition to Solar Energy. Essentially, it provides homeowners with a system discount. An array of rebates is accessible for solar products, encompassing solar panels, batteries, and hot water systems. For each renewable solar product, there is a specific rebate.

Solar Panel Rebates vs. Cost of Solar in QLD?

In Queensland, purchasing and installing solar at your home typically ranges between $3,600 and $8,700. Smaller solar systems, like 3kW setups, generally cost around $3,000, while systems exceeding 3kW could require an expenditure of over $4,000.

Size QueenslandNational Average
Prices are after applying STC discounts and GST

These given prices reflect the cost within Brisbane, QLD. The actual cost of your solar can vary according to your location, the type of system you are looking for and the installers. For specific quotes, get in touch with Brisbane’s top-ranked Solar Company

What are STC’s in QLD?

STC stands for Small scale Technology Certificate. The price of these certificates is traded on the open market and is closely linked to the cost of carbon. The amount of STC you get per kW of solar depends upon the following:

  1. The price of STC’s
  2. The number of STC’s per kW
  3. The size of your system

Am I eligible for a Solar Panel rebate in QLD?

Homeowners and businesses can get solar rebates by satisfying the following Federal Government terms:

  • Solar system size must be under 100kWh.
  • Installation must involve a complete, functioning solar unit
  • Only Clean Energy Council-accredited installers can complete installations.
  • New solar customers are eligible for a one-time rebate application.

How do I apply for a QLD government Solar Rebate?

You don’t have to do this process on your own. Your Solar installer can action this on your behalf. The installer will consider the amount of the rebate while creating quotes for you. From here, the solar system installation can commence once the rebate is received.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, embracing solar energy for your home can result in a budget-friendly journey. The good news is that the rebate landscape continues to evolve with ongoing decreases, allowing you to discover your eligibility while staying well-informed. So, if solar piques your interest, don’t hesitate—reach out to our seasoned solar installers and seize the rebate advantages today!

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