Commercial Solar for Business | 2022

Commercial Solar for Business is a guaranteed win for business owners due to the influx of excessive-high energy bills – especially if they haven’t transitioned to a Solar System. The escalating energy prices, now seemingly uncontrollable, cause widespread concern.

Globally, significant corporations and businesses are swiftly adopting solar panels, driven by the numerous advantages of renewable energy. Embracing solar panels presents a potential solution to enhance your business’s growth while effectively curbing operational costs.

Commercial Solar: The Benefits for Business

Are Your Energy Bills High?

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To fully comprehend the advantages of commercial solar, it’s crucial to begin by understanding your energy bills. Tally your monthly expenses or solicit an annual report from your energy provider. Assessing energy bills over a 5-10-year span is advisable, as it provides insight into the impact of escalating energy costs.

Equally important is grasping the appropriate system size your roof can accommodate. Incorrectly sizing the system could render commercial solar less beneficial for you.

Understanding Your Companies Peak Energy Consumption

Understanding the peak hours of energy consumption at your business is pivotal in gauging the advantages of commercial solar for your operations. This insight enables you to determine the optimal solar system type.

Businesses consuming energy at night should opt for a solar system with robust storage capabilities is recommended. Conversely, enterprises with high day-time energy needs require a high-end system capable of generating sufficient kW to power their premises. Ensuring this system minimizes grid energy draw is essential.

Future Goals and Objectives

Just like any business, your aim is likely growth, and in this aspect, commercial solar can play a pivotal role in achieving your future objectives. By implementing a solar system, you can effectively lower your operational expenses, freeing up funds for higher-profit areas of your enterprise. Notably, if you’re considering a property move within the next five years or so, a solar system can even enhance the value of your property.

Exploring the Energy Potential of Commercial Solar for Business

Now, let’s delve into the energy potential of commercial solar. For instance, take a sunny location with a 10kW system. On average, it can generate approximately 45kWh of energy per day. In contrast, a 100kW system can produce tenfold more energy (450kWh). The table below outlines the energy output of various commercial solar systems.

Size of the SystemAverage Daily Generation(kWh)Annual Solar Generation (kWh)

Final Verdict

Installing commercial solar at your property has various benefits, including but not limited to reduced energy bills, reduced greenhouse gasses and carbon footprints, increased property value, Government incentives and Solar Rebates, tax benefits, ROI and Lower operational costs.

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