How To: Secure a Solar System Warranty 2022

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After successfully installing the solar system, the next question for everyone is how to secure a solar system warranty. It’s a significant one-time investment, so you’ll want assurance. Most choose a provider with a warranty, indicating responsibility for future faults.

“Warranty” terms differ among manufacturers, encompassing “Product warranty” and “performance warranty”. Not to mention, the product warranty covers manufacturing faults, while the performance warranty relates to energy production within the warranty period. Therefore, it’s advisable to carefully read warranty terms and conditions before installation.

Why do we need a warranty?

The warranty assures clients that providers will rectify system faults hassle-free. Choosing a provider with solid warranty terms of course saves both money and time. All in all, for effective solar system maintenance during faults, opt for manufacturers offering accessible warranty quotes.

What is a Performance warranty and what it covers?

Service providers and manufacturers offer diverse warranty terms and conditions, each with varying coverage in emergencies. In addition, the ‘Performance warranty’ guarantees system output surpasses baseline electricity levels. Although solar panel production can naturally degrade, it shouldn’t decrease by more than 20% over 20 or 25 years.

Standard solar production declines by 1% annually, but a performance warranty ensures it won’t degrade beyond 20% within 25 active years. In short, if your solar production drops by 90%, this warranty covers replacements or repairs.

What is a product warranty and what it covers?

A product warranty differs from a performance warranty. It ensures repair or replacement for defects or total breakdown. It covers manufacturing faults and failures. Solar panels, designed for durability, usually offer a product warranty of 15 to 25 years. It addresses faulty wiring, parts, or erosion through repairs or replacements. Manufacturers offer varying warranty periods.

Final Thoughts:

Every manufacturer provides a different warranty cover and period according to the nature of the product. However, the standard period for a solar panel warranty is up to 25 years. But it highly depends upon the manufacturing and installing companies.

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