Examples of Poor Solar Installations

Have you ever seen examples of poor solar installations? When it comes to solar installation, a poor approach may lead to poor performance and reduced solar energy. As we know, solar panels love bright sunlight.

Hence, we need to place them on the top of the house. Therefore, panels can easily communicate directly with the sun. Let us discuss the causes or signs of poor solar installations.

1) Incorrect Angles Resulting From Poor Solar Installations:

Most importantly, the angle of solar panels plays a great role in the panels’ efficiency. Likewise, the wrong direction or the incorrect angle could cause notable damage to the overall life of solar panels. However, you will notice damaged solar panels due to harsh rainwater damage if installed poorly.

2) Using the Same Solar Installation Technique:

In the same way, every Australian state has specific solar installation regulations. But then, the assembling teams are not familiar. They do not work according to the precautionary measures, which may put you in great danger if solar panels are not placed at the recommended distance.

3) Discoloration Due To Poor Solar Installations:

On the other hand, the discoloration of solar panels within no time is a clear indication of poor solar installation. Usually, hot spots are more common in low-quality solar panels. And, after overheating, these hot spots cause discoloration. Thus, reducing the overall lifespan of panels.


For this reason, positioning, angles, and direction are the second important factors in good installations. However, quality plays a vital role as well. Solar Air Energy offers professional and experienced solar installation services. Also, we have a team of experts willing to assist you in guiding you through the panel selection procedure. Hence, we also provide top-notch solar panels and always recommend our customers to prefer quality to quantity.

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