Examples of Poor Solar Installations

Have you ever seen an example of poor solar installation? Let’s discuss some of the major causes and signs of poor solar installation.

When it comes to the solar installation, a poor approach or degraded products can lead to poor performance and high maintenance cost as well. As everyone is acquainted to the fact that the solar system need bright place to work properly where sunlight can reach easily. Henceforth, the it is always preferable to place them on the rooftop of the house. In this way, the panels can easily communicate with the sun and observed rays can be converted to the energy for you.

1) Incorrect Angles Resulting From Poor Solar Installations:

Most importantly, the wrongly placed solars i.e. the angle of solar panels known as bad installation. The angle of solar installation plays a vital role in energy generation. Likewise, the wrong direction or angle can cause notable damage to the overall life of the solar. Additionally, the solar panels also gets effected by harsh rainy weather if not installed well.

2) Using the Same Solar Installation Technique:

In the same way, every Australian state or territory has its own solar installation rules and regulations and naive assembly teams is not known to these factors. They do not work as per the terms and conditions, which may put the customer and service provider both in great danger if got inspected and founded that the panels are not placed as per the rules and regulations or at a required distance.

3) Discolouration Due To Poor Solar Installations:

On the other hand, the discolouration of solar panels with no time is another sign of poor solar installation. Usually, the hot spots are more common in low-quality solar panels and after overheating, these hot spots leads to the discolouration of the panels. Henceforth, it reduces the overall life span of the solar system.


Consequently, the positioning, angles and directions are all of the factor which effects the entire performance of the solar system. However, the product quality plays an important role as well.

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