Examples of Poor Solar Installations

Have you ever witnessed a case of poor solar installations? Let’s delve into the primary causes and telltale signs of inadequate solar installation.

In the realm of solar installation, substandard techniques or inferior components can result in diminished performance and escalated maintenance expenses. As common knowledge dictates, solar systems require ample sunlight to operate optimally. Therefore, positioning them on the rooftop of a house is the recommended approach. This strategic placement allows the panels to efficiently capture sunlight and convert the absorbed rays into usable energy.

1) Incorrect Angles Resulting From Poor Solar Installations:

Subpar installations frequently lead to one of the most critical factors: the improper placement of solar panels. The solar installation angle, which dictates the positioning of solar panels, plays a pivotal role in energy generation. Inaccurate angles can notably diminish solar efficiency and longevity. Furthermore, inadequately installed panels are more vulnerable to damage in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain.

2) Using the Same Solar Installation Technique:

Similarly, different Australian states and territories have their own distinct rules and regulations for solar installations. Unfortunately, inexperienced installation teams often overlook these critical factors. Failing to adhere to these guidelines can put both customers and service providers at risk. Non-compliance with regulations, such as panel spacing requirements, can lead to complications during inspections.

3) Discolouration Due To Poor Solar Installations:

Conversely, rapid discolouration of solar panels is a clear indicator of inadequate installation. This issue is more prevalent in low-quality solar panels that are prone to developing hot spots. These hot spots, formed due to overheating, lead to the discolouration of panels. Consequently, the overall lifespan of the solar system is significantly shortened.


Consequently, the positioning, angles, and directions significantly impact the overall performance of the solar system. Nevertheless, product quality also wields substantial influence.

At Solar Air Energy, we provide proficient and seasoned solar installation services. Our team of experts is readily available to guide you through the panel selection process. Moreover, we offer premium solar panels and consistently advocate for prioritizing quality over other considerations.

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