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Things to know about Tesla VPP | 2024

Last year, Tesla unveiled the expansion of its Australian Virtual Power Plant ( Tesla VPP), spreading its presence across the country. Making this expansion even more enticing, Tesla Energy Plan has gained approval as an Australian VPP program. Consequently, homeowners participating in this initiative could qualify for discounts. What is Tesla Energy Plan? The Tesla […]

When Should You Install Solar? | 2024

When Should You Install Solar? For those, who are asking themselves constantly if this is the right time to install solar or should wait. According to the observations done by our experts, the solar installation cost for residential buildings is almost 13% less than the cost of five years ago. This is good news for […]

How do Solar Panels Work? | 2024

How do Solar Panels Work? Here, you will find out how. Don’t miss out on the sun’s potential, especially in the Sunshine State, Queensland. This is why households across Australia, especially in Queensland, are adopting solar systems. Solar systems are true game changers in our sunny climate, utilizing abundant sunshine throughout the year. Solar technology […]

SunPower Solar Panel Reviews | 2023

Engaged in the solar panel market? SunPower Solar Panels shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name. Among the industry’s veterans, SunPower has established itself as a premier solar panel manufacturer, gaining a strong footing in Australia’s solar panel supply for the past decade. Are SunPower solar panels actually good? SunPower boasts a reputation for premium solar panels, […]

Solar Export Limiting Explained | 2023

In this article, we will break down solar export limits; hence, Solar Export Limiting Explained. Numerous Australian homes can’t export over 5kW to the grid. For larger systems with >5kW inverters, ‘export limiting’ is a must. Here’s the breakdown. While not a major concern, understanding your system is wise for better decisions on solar panels. […]

Type 1 VS Type 2 EV Charger | 2023

Curious about which EV charger to pick? Our industry-leading experts in this blog will guide you to make an informed decision between Type-1 or Type-2 options. Despite the array of options available, the majority of EV chargers are now categorized as either Type 1 or Type 2, depending on your car type. Manufacturer’s guides hold […]

SunGrow vs. Fronius Inverter: Which Is Better? | 2023

Before installing a Solar System, conducting market research on inverters and panels is crucial. SunGrow vs. Fronius Inverter, which is better? Understanding existing brands, their features, performance, and warranty is essential to make the right choice. When opting for solar installation, choosing the right product is pivotal. In the Australian market, Fronius and SunGrow are […]

Most Efficient Solar Panels 2023

The Most Efficient Solar Panels 2023 updated list is available below! Opting for solar panels presents an excellent way to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. However, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the solar market is vital for selecting the most efficient option. If you’re considering a solar system installation, we’ve delved into the research […]

Understanding EV Chargers | 2023

What are EV (electrical vehicle) Chargers? In essence, an EV chargers function akin to your mobile charger. Its sole distinction lies in its purpose – charging your electric vehicle. Just as mobile devices demand sustained power, EVs require a similar charge to keep moving. By plugging into your vehicle’s EV sockets, the charger harnesses energy […]

Canadian Solar Panel Reviews | 2023

Canadian Solar Panel Reviews – The Results Speak of Themselves. Over the years, Canadian Solar Panels have gained increasing popularity in Australia. They have firmly established themselves as a trusted solar panel brand within the country. The solar market has witnessed a remarkable rise in Canadian Solar Panels, evident from a recent substantial shipment that […]

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