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Canadian Solar Panel Reviews – The Results Speak of Themselves. Over the years, Canadian Solar Panels have gained increasing popularity in Australia. They have firmly established themselves as a trusted solar panel brand within the country. The solar market has witnessed a remarkable rise in Canadian Solar Panels, evident from a recent substantial shipment that has bolstered solar panel supplies in Australia.

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Company History

Founded in 2001 by Dr Shawn Qu, Canadian Solar has evolved into a global leader among solar panel manufacturers. Boasting around 14,000 employees, including over 500 researchers and engineers, the company, headquartered in Guelph, Canada, currently ranks as the fifth-largest solar panel manufacturer by volume. Their production in 2019 exceeded 8.5GW of solar panels.

Manufacturing Locations

With four facilities located in Queensland, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, Canadian Solar panels strategically align with Australian time zones, streamlining operations and enhancing convenience.

Pros and Cons – Canadian Solar Panel Reviews

High-Performance Solar PanelsHigh-temperature coefficient
Affordable PricesPanels lose efficiency during hot weather
Generous Warranty
High Efficiency averaging at 15.88% to 19.99%
Incredible customer support across Australia
Advanced cell technology

Our Reviews: Types of Canadian Solar Panel

Canadian Solar Panel Reviews - HiKu Panel Image

HiKu Panels – Key Selling Points:

  • Output Range: 350W-370W
  • Back Sheet: White (Not Bifacial)
  • Variants: Available in Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline
  • Maximum Efficiency: 20%
  • Cell Configuration: 120 Split Cells
  • Product Warranty: 25-Year
  • Performance Warranty: 25-Year
Canadian Solar Panel Reviews - HiHero Panel Image

HiHero Panels – Key Selling Points:

  • Output Range: 405W-430W
  • Shading Tolerance: Improved
  • Cell Type: Heterojunction
  • Maximum Efficiency: 22%
  • Anti PID Performance: Included
  • Product Warranty: 25-Year
  • Performance Warranty: 25-Year
Canadian Solar Panel Reviews - BiKu Panel Image

BiKu Panels – Key Selling Points:

  • Bifacial Technology: Generates power from both sides of the panel
  • Output Range: 290W-310W
  • Variants: Available in Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline
  • Cell Configuration: 120 Split Cells
  • Maximum Efficiency: 19.5-25%
  • Product Warranty: 12-Year
  • Performance Warranty: 30-Year

Reviews of Canadian Solar Panel

Competitive Pricing

Canadian Solar Panels stand as a testament to reasonable pricing. Their exceptional value for money receives a high ranking from our experts.

Impressive Warranty

While many prominent solar panel manufacturers offer a 10-year product warranty, Canadian Solar Panels take it a step further. Their HiKu model boasts a remarkable 25-year warranty.

Remarkable Efficiency

Efficiency, gauging how effectively panels convert sunlight into electricity, stands as a crucial criterion. The pursuit of highly efficient solar panels finds fulfilment in Canadian Solar Panels. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they secure a top-tier position in terms of efficiency.

Final Verdict

It is wrong to say that in terms of price, warranty, efficiency and performance Canadian Solar panels are the perfect investment.

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