Solar Explained: Grid-Connection

How does Solar Power feed back into the grid? A diagram depicting how.

This article will go over the question, how does Solar Power feed back into the grid? In a grid support system, solar energy will supply your home. Afterwards, the extra energy will be fed back to the grid. In the same way, if the solar system does not generate enough energy, the grid will provide the required energy. Keep reading to learn how solar power is fed back to the grid:

Solar Panel Array:

Solar panel array is the collection of solar cells that we often see on roofs. Generally, these panels convert sunlight waves into direct currents. Afterwards, the inverter transforms gains energy and pushes to the line going to your home. In most cases, people keep grid electricity connected to the solar system.

Grid Feed System:

When you have a grid feed system, you must have an inverter and allow electricity from your home to be exported to the grid. The solar energy system will prioritize your power needs.

Grid-Tie Reverse Effect:

Solar energy systems must have abilities to reverse effect. Therefore, you will have a consistent power supply even if your solar system is not producing energy due to certain reasons. In this way, you have a backup plan to power your house.

How does solar power fed back into the grid?

For this particular reason, the solar energy system needs to be intelligent. So, that it can automatically start sending the surplus (or additional) produced energy from the solar panel to the grid station. Thus, greatly reducing your annual electricity bills.

What equipment or systems do I need?

Your solar energy system needs to have electricity measuring meters and safety instruments to be connected to the grid. This equipment might be your high-standard inverters or controllers.


In a nutshell, one might have to feel cumbersome pain in arranging and connecting the whole system. We can say that the array of the solar panel is more important than the inverter itself. Solar Air Energy will set up the most intelligent solar energy system for you. Please feel relaxed to reach us.

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