Energy Smart: What Appliances Use The Most Energy?

In this article, we will let you know about what appliances use the most energy. People are always looking for the assumptions of electricity bills during the summers and winters. Therefore, we decided to share what appliances use the most energy based on our experience.

To count or measure electricity usage, we use wattages as a derived unit. The symbol would be Kilowatts-hours (KWh).

Air Conditioners:

Air conditioning is the most electricity-consuming appliance. Being humans, we tend to enjoy comfort in cool places. Therefore, we keep our use air conditioner twenty-four hours a day. It drinks almost forty-six percent regular usage. In other words, it takes an average of 900-2000 KWh of energy monthly.

Water Heater:

In particular, when winters are arriving we start feeling cold. Thus, we start taking warm baths to keep our bodies warm. In other words, we heavily depend on the water heaters to increase water temperature for bath and other purposes. On an average, water heater takes consumes almost a six-kilowatt energy every single day.


The most consuming yet neglected appliance is the light bulbs and tube lights. Estimated consumption for each ordinary bulb would be around 0.3KWh. The number of bulbs, the more units you consume from electricity retailer. According to energy experts, a lighting bulb usually takes up to 6KWh every month.

TV & Other Appliances:

Electronic appliances have now become the largest source of electricity consumption. Nowadays, it is very common that everyone has their televisions in the rooms along with sound and media systems. Thus, these negligible appliances are actually consuming many units from electric meter.

Conclusion: are hundreds of neglected appliances responsible for high electricity consumptions. Only energy experts can help in figuring out actual consumption depending on the vendor. However, you can also consider switching to solar energy systems tailored for your needs from Solar Air Energy.  

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