What Size Solar System Do I Need?

What size solar system do I need? The answer depends on multiple factors. Usually, people have an assumption that available space has lots to do with size. However, the budget defines the size of the solar system.

As a rule of thumb, it is better to opt for costly and bigger panels due to their energy conversion rate and lifespan. In our experience, the bigger solar systems pay back greatly due to their additional kilowatts of energy.

In the only case, if the client has a sound budget combined with huge space, we recommend them to go for any solar setup higher than 5kW. However, the decision for a bigger or smaller setup is up to the client.

On an average, a solar energy setup comprising 5kW energy extract the juice from twenty panels (each 250W). On the other hand, the quality of panels defines the quantity and energy generated.

What is the most recommended solar system size?

As mentioned earlier, any setup of 5kW would provide enough energy to your entire home. However, the open area, such as roof places, is a prerequisite in bigger setups.

Are there any benefits for a bigger solar system?

As revealed by the experts, the larger and bigger kilowatts solar systems have more benefits as compared to the smaller ones. Let us put a glimpse into the salient benefits.

  1. Lower Maintenance Cost.
  2. Reduced cost per kilowatt.
  3. Reliability
  4. Faster Reimbursement

Final Verdict:

As you might know, an average house consumes more than 18KWh energy per day during the winters. Therefore, you would also have to consider installing additional battery packs to store energy for those without sun days. Consequently, you would need some professional help with the calculations.

Solar Air Energy has got you covered when it comes to solar energy and air conditioning. Our professional team will help you in determining the size of the solar system along with space requirements.

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