What Size Solar System Do I Need?

The suitable size of the solar system has been remain a matter of concern always. The solution to this relies upon multiple factors. Most of people think that the availability of the space is the major factor to effect the size of solar. There is nothing to do with the space though. However, budget plays vital role to make this decision.

For being safe side, it is better to go with the bigger and costly solar panels as they are capable enough to perform energy conversion at a big scale. As per our knowledge and experience, big solar systems pays off a good return on the investment due to the production of additional Kilowatts.

In some cases, if the client has only fixed budget combined with huge space, then we will suggest to opt any solar system which is higher than 5kW. However, the decision is totally on client whether he wants to install bigger or smaller solar system. On an average, it is observed that the solar system comprising of 5kW energy can extract the approx. 250W energy from 20 panels. Whereas, the quality of panels also effects the energy generated by them.

What is the most recommended solar system size?

As mentioned above, any setup of 5kW solar system is efficient enough to provide the electricity to your entire house. The open area such as roof tops are the pre-requisites for bigger setups.

Are there any benefits for a bigger solar system?

As stated by many experts , the highest kilowatts produces by solar system will lead you to the multiple benefits as compared to the smaller solar systems. Following are the highlighted benefits of installing the bigger solar systems:

  1. Lower Maintenance Cost
  2. Reduced Cost per kilowatts
  3. Highly Reliable
  4. Faster Reimbursement
  5. More Energy Production.

Final Verdict:

As we all know, an average house consumes more than 18 kWh energy per day during winters. Henceforth, it is required to install extra batteries to save the energy for cloudy days when there is no sun outside. It could not be done without any professional consultation.

Solar Air Energy has got your back and available to you on a ring. Our professionals will help you to sort out your queries regarding Air-Conditioners, Solar Installations and Electrical. We can also provide you a consultation to determine the size of solar along with the space requirements.

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