Energy-Saving Tips: Efficient Air-Con Use

Energy-Saving Tips: Efficient Air-Con Use. Image of Air-Con unit.

Many are unaware that cooling and heating appliances contribute significantly to half of their energy bills. Hence, optimizing efficient air-con use is crucial. Your home’s air conditioning system provides comfort on scorching summer days. Amid escalating energy costs, monitoring appliances is key to avoiding hefty electricity bills. Here are factors to enhance your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Keep up maintenance

One of the major factors which can keep your air-con unit working well is maintenance. During the summer or heavy usage period, it is mandatory to go for regular filter checks and updates if required. They should also be replaced every three months.

Prepare for Winter

During cold days, it is advisable either to cover your air conditions or uninstall them for better maintenance purposes. Covering the outdoor unit of central air conditions will protect them from rainy weather and winds etc.

Tips and Tricks

Following are some of the smart tips and tricks which could increase the efficiency of the air conditioning unit and also reduce energy consumption:

  • Prefer to install the eco-friendly air conditions
  • Always go for a Zone cooling system if you have a ducted unit.
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate the cooling in all areas of the room.
  • Always turn the aircon off while sleeping.
  • Find your ideal temperature for summer and winter.
  • Get it properly serviced or get a new one if required.
  • Keep heat-generating equipment away such as ovens, lamps etc.
  • Close the blinds and cover the windows when the aircon is on.

Final Verdict

There are various factors that affect the efficiency of the aircon and need to be considered while using it. If you need further services or suggestions regarding your air condition installation or maintenance, get in touch with our experts.

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