What’s Next? After Solar Install Guide

After installing solar panels, your journey towards savings starts. Our ‘After Solar Install Guide’ outlines what’s next after your successful installation!

When seeking reliable solar panel providers, reach out to our experts. We offer exceptional maintenance, services, and insights into post-installation processes.

Inspection After Installation:

The first step involves an electrical examination post-installation. This crucial assessment ensures the proper functioning of your solar panels. The installer requests inspection from the state department, a process that takes about ten days, varying by province.

Promotion of Your Electric Unit Meter:

In addition to system inspection, meter upgrading is vital. The installation company submits documents to the electricity retailer, who notifies the distributor of meter upgrades. Traditional meters are upgraded to smart meters, a process that takes around three days, ensuring your energy usage is accurately measured and optimized.

Beginnings of Savings:

Once your solar system and net metering are in place, significant reductions in electricity bills begin. After a new meter installation, your solar company connects grid wiring to the inverter for seamless automation. Further details about net metering can be explored, providing insights into how your excess energy contributes to overall savings.

Regular Maintenance:

It would help if you kept in touch with the solar company to check and maintain the solar system for optimal performance. Look for only professional providers who offer after-sales services to ensure your system’s longevity and efficiency.

Final Verdict:

It is crystal clear that the entire phenomenon is not only about buying and installing any solar system. The whole process is more related to maintenance and after-sales. However, opting for any inexperienced provider can ruin your solar energy experience.

Therefore, you must always select a good selection of solar panel manufacturing companies available with Solar Air Energy. If you have questions after the solar installation, feel free to reach us.

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